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Colour : Green, Red, Yellow
Appearance : Transparent to grainy, various shapes and sizes
Availability : Difficult
Key Words : Energizing, Stimulating, Motivating

The power of these crystals is in their ability to clear and rebalance the lower three chakras, It Is often here that we get stuck in negative energies, blindly repeat unconscious patterns and allow karmic links to influence our behavior and decisions. Zincite illuminates all that ties us and prevents us from evolving. It stimulates and energizes the lower energy centres, removing blocks, encouraging us to lift the energy to the heart and mental levels in order to resolve and release it.

Zincite promotes co-operation within and out side the self, giving us the motivation and the vitality we need to grow. It enhances our personal power and increase our mental capacity and perception. It is useful for alleviating feelings of depression and lethargy. It promotes the free flow of the life force through the body and increases confidence and independence. It helps us come to terms with life and to embrace it joyfully.

Healing: Zincite is beneficial for revitalizing outward appearance such as hair and skin and working with the sexual hormones. It balances the thymus gland, immune system and energy meridians of the body.

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