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Colour : Black, blue green, red, yellow, pink
Appearance : Transparent, shiny, opaque, all shapes and sizes
Availability : Readily available
Key Words : Unity, Love, Protection

Love energies are most often realized through their expression. Tourmaline helps to overcome grief, sorrow and other traumatic memories. It encourages unity of the male and female energies to bring about balance and steadiness. Balancing the yin and yang. Tourmaline works strongly with the meridians of the body as well as the chakras. At a mental level, it assists in the balancing of the hemispheres of the brain to enable us to transcend the mundane and achieve unity with the cosmos. It is especially useful for shamanic and trances work.

Tourmaline’s protective nature helps ground spiritual practice, cleanses and purifies the auric field and aligns the chakras. It encourages journeys into the self to bring deeper understanding of your connection with the whole. It is good at opening us to the cycles of nature. It brings a clear sense of understanding, coloured with the energy of universal love.

Healing: Tourmaline encourages and stimulates the energy flows in and around the body to promote overall healing. Good for caiming nervous tension and releasing stress. Very useful when working with psychosomatic manifestations of imbalance and disease.

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