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Colour : Blue, black, yellow, pink, green, purple
Appearance : Faceted
Availability : Easily obtained in uncut form, some colours are rarer, can be expensive
Key Words : Abundance, Joy, Destiny

A powerful stone which fosters development towards our destiny. It stimulates and sustains and efforts that lead us towards the fulfilment of dreams. It brings feelings of joy and peace to the mind, enhancing intuition and a sense of purpose. It encourages faith and hope.

Sapphire brings wisdom and can be used to enhance the corresponding chakras. Overall it brings balance and alignment to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sapphire attracts prosperity and promotes achievement.

The different colours combine to create wisdom and harmony. Black is useful for protection and centering, blue for seeking and speaking truth and love, green for visions and integrity, pink draws what you need and releases what you don’t, purple awakens the spiritual purpose and psychic abilities, yellow attracts abundance and wealth and white helps open cosmic consciousness. Royal sapphire brings responsivity and removes negativity, while star-shaped sapphire works with intuition.

Healing: Sapphire works with the pituitary in regulating the glands. It strengthens the eyes, reduces fever and alleviates blood disorders. It works with the heart and stomach, especially with stress related diseases.

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