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Colour : Pink or red
Appearance : Small, flecked- often with black
Availability : Easily obtained
Key Words : Patience, Seeking, Forgiveness

Rhodonite encourages the spirit to search for answers and reduces self-doubt while building confidence. Its energy promotes love and patience on our journeys, whether mundane, inward or star searching. Its healing qualities help to align the soul and raise the vibrational energies during meditation. It activates the heat chakra, Anahata, and restores balance.

Rhodonite can help to resolve conflicts and restore inner peace and balance. It teaches a love of humanity and an ability to see all sides of an issue. Forgiveness is a key asset as it comes with understanding and compassion. On a personal level it enables us to heal past trauma, especially those relating to emotional abuse and feelings of abandonment.

It promotes peace and love in all aspects whether personal or on a larger world stage. It balances the masculine and feminine energies, bringing balance, steadiness and calm.

Healing: Rhodonite works at subtle levels with the body’s vibrational patterns and restores balance. It works closely with functional problems such as joint and lung inflammation, arthritis, bone growth and similar. Also useful for auto-immune diseases and the skin, particularly in relation to scarring, insect bites, wounds and general healing.

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