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Colour : Red, Pink, Orange
Appearance : Banded,All sizes
Availability : Readily Available
Key Words : Calming, Mindful, Revealing

This stone allows us to bring forward all that we repress. Its focus in the emotional solar plexus chakra, Manipura, insists that we attend to emotional turmoil and disentangle the past. It works closely with the breath, and pranayama (yogic breathing) enhance its energies. The rich warm colour encourages us to open up our emotional core and love fully and wholly. Free of fear we are more confident, mentally agile and spontaneous.

Rhodochrosite can help us attract our soul mate, but reminds that this isn’t always an easy relationship, rather one that will help us grow with compassion and wisdom. In this way it supports us in confronting deeply held traumas and issue and encourages us to bring them into the light. It teaches us to be selfless and helps to heal painful memories, while keeping our heart open.

Healing: It is very effective in helping with asthma and other disorders of the lungs. It improves the circulatory system and thus enhance the functioning of many organs by purifying the blood.

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