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Colour : Clear
Appearance : Transparent, Milky, Pointed, Clusters, All sizes
Availability : Readily Available
Key Words : Amplifier, Reflective, Receptive

Clear Quartz contains the full spectrum of colors and is a must for any crystal collection. Its flexibility and strength means it amplifies all actions and intentions. It is a key stone for healing and essential for psychic and chakra balancing. The colors contained within reflect our soul and reveal to us our true spiritual nature, encouraging us to experience all aspects of nature, human and divine.

Its amplifying properties are shown in its ability to increase the effectiveness of acupuncture, the bio magnetic field and other healing work. Its adaptive energies mean that it can be used in a myriad of ways, the key being the intention of the user. Quartz can enhance spiritual purpose, cleanse the soul and aura, improve mental and psychic abilities and aids in focus and meditation.

Healing: Its versatility enables it to be used in all healing work and especially anything to do with the body system and in particular the endocrine and immune systems. Also good for skin and healing burns.

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