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Colour : Pale Green or Pink clear
Appearance : Striated, iridescent, Small
Availability : Expensive and rate
Key Words : Angelic, Uplifting, Harmony

Petalite is an angel stone. It opens up the channels of communication, facilitating angelic healing and wisdom. It works closely with the endocrine system in the body, which corresponds to the seven main chakras, and thus promotes the raising of energy and consciousness to the highest spiritual levels. In this way it enhances all psychic gifts, protecting the wearer during visionary quests and meditation, It helps to align the spiritual, mental and physical bodies, bringing peace and a sense of calm.

Petalite sustains psychic and spiritual development. It assists in the transmission of messages, allowing the information received to return from meditative states. Enhancing harmony, it helps release old karma and free emotional ties. It is a highly energizing stone and stimulates all aspects of growth and working at higher spiritual levels.

Healing: Petalite is very effective in any disorder or imbalances of the endocrine gland system. It is helpful with cancers, immune deficiency disorders, digestive, cellular and muscular imbalance.

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