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Colour : Red, white, pink, brown, grey, violet, green and yellow
Appearance : Layered, pearly
Availability : Readily available
Key Words : Reflective, Flexible, Insight

This highly angelic stone has strong mystical connections and reveals all that is necessary for spiritual growth. The pink variety is most useful for angelic contact. It opens the heart to visions and stimulates raising the love energy of Anahata to higher levels. It inspires intuitive and psychic skills. Muscovite reveals all that is problematic with humanity. It helps us to recognize all aspects of our self and bring the unconscious behaviour into the light. Love energy and insight enable us to see relationships clearly and dispel deception.With knowledge comes release of tension and balance and Muscovite promotes a flexible, clear perception of reality. It Initiates change by allowing us to see ourselves as others do and supports the process of growth with loving acceptance. The clarity of understanding expands to our mental abilities and even our physical appearances as all within and around us becomes brighter and more authentic.

Healing: The balancing essence of this stone works well in all aspects of healing relieving disease. In this way it promotes healing and restful sleep. It is particularly useful in detoxification processes such as fasting, and strengthens the function of the kidneys and pancreas.

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