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Colour : Usually deep bottle green.
Appearance : Quite translucent, Varied shapes and clusters
Availability : Quite rare
Key Words : Grounding, Connection, Evolution

The Importance of Moldavite becomes more apparent as human consciousness evolves. Its grounding and connective qualities help newly incarnating souls to tap into the earth’s energies. It is said to have extra-terrestrial origins and therefore be a fusion of cosmic and earthly energies. It teaches us to see the bigger cosmic picture while reminding us to appreciate the beauty and gifts of the place where we are.

Moldavite aids the effects of other stones and is key in any transformational and healing work. The powerful stone facilities working with the masters and other cosmic beings, opening and raising your own levels of cosmic consciousness. The energies begin by grounding the self, aligning the chakras and cleansing the auras then raising your vibrations, It is often useful to work with a strong grounding stone after this experience to ensure you can bring the knowledge and messages you have received back to everyday consciousness.

Healing: Moldavite works more subtly with all aspects of disease within the body. It uncovers the source and is useful in diagnostic session. It is particularly important in working with the emotional causes of illness.

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