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Colour : Brown, Yellow, white, grey
Appearance : Chalky and marbled, all sizes
Availability : Easily Obtained
Key Words : Catalyst, Resistant, Peace

The strong and steady energies of this stone bring a sense of peace and centeredness. It facilitates the development of selfless love, where one can stand steadily in the knowledge of one’s own worth and worthiness and allow others to develop in their own way and at their own pace. It works closely with anahata, the heart chakra, and helps raise the energy of love to even higher levels.

Magnesite is a catalyst for change. Within the self it helps us recognize areas we need to change with clarity and honestly. Externally it brings truth to the surface and expose deceit and deception in all forms. Working deeply in meditation it encourages harmony and mental balance, It is particularly restorative for stressed out or nervous people, guiding them to a state of peace.

Healing: It helps with all nervous disorders. Its high magnesium content means it is useful with any disorder or disease relating to the digestive system and the elimination of toxins. Consequently it is also useful with weight and consequently problems. It helps with the teeth, bones and muscles and in releasing any types of calcification in the body.

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