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Colour : Red, brown, green, blue ,purple and yellow
Appearance : Patterned, various sizes, usually small
Availability : Easily obtained
Key Words : Unfolding, Nurturing, Manifesting, Continuity

The energies of jasper are subtle and deeply felt. Its colour reflects the earth’s blood and like the earth, it is in no hurry. It allow us to slow things down, and gives us time to draw breath and see the bigger picture. Jasper works well in conjunction with other faster-moving stones, allowing the energy to be balanced and grounded, its differing shades and patterns have specific properties.

The slow-acting properties are useful for nurturing the self and any projects in mind. It offers determination and an ability to see things through. This could be simply in terms of completing something or, more strongly, in helping one to overcome obstacles and conflicts by generating assertive and decisive behaviour.

The longevity expressed makes us mindful of the long view. It reminds us to love and help each other. This healing energy is unifying and calming. It is also good for energies and activities relating to the sacral chaka, manipura.

Healing: As its colour suggests, jasper is useful for the circulatory system and imbalances with the digestion and the reproductive systems. It is helpful in overcoming long term disease and works to balance the female/male energies of the body.

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