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Iron Pyrite

Colour : Brownish or Gold
Appearance : Metallic various sizes
Availability : Easily Obtained
Key Words : Reflective, Creative,Innovative, Successful

Iron Pyrite is more commonly know as ‘Fool’s gold’. As its very name suggests, it is a stone that asks us to look beyond the surface and find the true value, Finding ‘fool’s gold’ often meant that real gold was not far away. Iron Pyrite facilitates the realization of innovative and creative ideas, bringing abundance and success to those willing to follow their dreams.

Iron Pyrite is also reflective and was used as a mirror in ancient Mexico. These reflective qualities are seen as protective, Warding off negative energies. It builds self-confidence and self-esteem and is very helpful in uncovering the core of an issue or situation. Its uplifting and positive energies are fast moving ad help overcome doubt, depression and despair, sustaining and encouraging us on the journey to success.

Healing: Very good for increasing blood flow and improving the oxygenation of the blood and all internal organs. Useful for maintaining strong and healthy bones and working with cell regeneration. Also helpful for sleep disorders, digestive upsets and genetic problems.

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