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Colour : White, yellow, clear, peach, green
Appearance : May be transparent or translucent, usually cubic or pyramidal shapes in varying cluster sizes
Availability : Easily obtained
Key Words : Release, Attunement, Astral Travel

This is one of the more uncommon crystals. Used in reiki work as a powerful tool for tuning into the higher realms and linking the physical and spiritual, it is an effective conductor and enables the energy and information found in higher esoteric travels to be one of the favoured tools for those wishing to access the Akashic records. In this way it is also useful for astral travelling, other out-of-body experiences and past life regression.

Apophyllite, however, is a complex and confronting stone as it promotes truth, including the ability to see oneself and one’ s situation clearly. In facilitating past life connections it can bring about the release of long-held to ground and sooth this, often necessary, growth which will ultimately lead us to feeling calmer and more grounded. It promotes acceptance of incarnation.

Healing: It is a stone of choice for reiki healing, facilitating states of deep relaxation and tranquillity to enhance healing. It also helps to alleviate asthma, allergies and problems with the eyes.

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