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Colour : Purple to lavender
Appearance : All Sizes , generally transparent
Availability : Easily Obtained
Key Words : Mental powers, Love Balance, Spiritual Partnership

This powerful stone resonates at a high spiritual vibration, It transforms negative energy into love, enhancing serenity and higher states of consciousness. Its ability to transform makes it potent in developing psychic abilities, mental dexterity and emotional balance, It alleviates stress caused by unfocused, scattered thought and assist in overcoming addictions and blockages. It promotes the use of clear thinking with spiritual insight, allowing us to make decision, achieve goals and heal.

Its spiritual potency opens our self to the higher realms of divine love, encouraging selflessness and wisdom. It promotes spiritual development, especially in the realms of meditation and astral travelling. It helps link the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with the spiritual. It cleanses the aura and helps to bring balance and a sense of spiritual connectedness. It is also useful in raising the energies of a partnership to a higher vibration.

Healing: Exceptional cleansing properties for the body. Emotions, mind and spirit. Works on balancing and tuning the endocrine system and assisting the cleansing and digestive organs and the blood. It also helps with headaches and tension. Good for injuries, Hearing disorders, insomnia and anything to do with the breath.

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