About Cambay Crystals

CAMBAY CRYSTALS is an innovative wholesaler, manufacturer, importer &exporter of all high quality crystals, that are sourced from all over the world. We are based in Cambay, India. We have a great team, dedicated to provide quality products and excellent customer service. We love sourcing a wide variety of crystals and we hope that you have an equally fun experience while shopping with us.

Since early civilization, crystals have been known to possess healing powers that help the body, mind and soul, heal, balance and energize.

Our online wholesale store can provide you with a range of beautifully crafted crystal products from tumbled stones, pyramids, spheres, wands, malas to semi precious gemstone jewelry as well as rough mineral stones and geodes. All our products will help those in yoga, meditation, energy healers and those who are on the pathway of spirituality. Discover how crystals are powerful transforming tools, capable of creating healing and vibrant energy.